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 Gill Cox is a well travelled linguist and practising artist, who has lived in Spain, Switzerland, & Scotland.

She moved to the Cotswolds in 2002.

In 2009, she co-founded Crescent Art Space; a studio and exhibition space based in Cheltenham.

Her oil paintings are a bold, colourful style, incorporating aspects of abstraction.

They are observational from life.



Gillian’s painting method is strong, impressionistic and lively.

She works in oils on durable canvas parchment, and art panels.  

Her colour palette is limited, usually to 5 or 6 oil colours, plus titanium white, which gives her work harmony. 

And she favours Old Holland, Michael Harding and the American Gamblin brands of oil paint.

Her brushmarks are rapid and the paint is applied as heavily as possible from one stroke.  Although she does not use a palette knife, her impasto mark making is as intense.

She paints only from life:  “sur le motif”.    And uses a wet on wet layering approach.

Phone: 07814 564 807
Email contact:  emailgillcox@gmail.com   
or fill out a form to get in contact with me:

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